Apotheosis – “to reach the high point of your career and to be the best you can be”

Apotheosis provides Executive, Career and Life Coaching as well as Organisational Development consulting to individuals, organisations and groups.

Apotheosis is a boutique consultancy that enables us to tailor our programmes to each of our client’s particular requirements ensuring that they receive the individual attention and assistance they need.  You will have our full support as we work together to structure your learning and development needs, focus on your goals and enable you to become a leader with stature, respect and influence within your organisation.  Apotheosis also concentrates on your personal presentation.  We will help you dress for success and develop the self-confidence you need as a leader in today’s competitive market.  For more information see Executive Coaching/Leadership Coaching.

For clients who are looking for skilled Career Coaching and for people who have reached a turning point or plateau in their careers, Apotheosis will help you to focus on your goals and to take your next steps with renewed enthusiasm, energy and excitement.  At Apotheosis, we have extensive knowledge of the recruitment market and can add significant value to your all important next job search.  For more information see Career Coaching.

Business leaders need to be able to react swiftly to changing national and international circumstances.  Apotheosis works with teams to enable them to function cohesively and strategically.  Team Coaching maximises strengths, reduces friction and stress and focuses on a shared vision and outcome.  An Apotheosis coached team is a high impact team.  Go to Organisational Development/Team Coaching for more information.

At Apotheosis we are also passionate about developing young people and ensuring that they are confident and well prepared for the world of work. Our Employability Coaching will give you the edge by focusing on the skills that employers are looking for in new graduates and school leavers and that your CV and interview skills are honed to perfection.

We believe that everyone can benefit from coaching.  Our Life Coaching section sets out the valuable assistance we can give to individuals to help them get the very best out of their lives.  Learn how to break bad habits and rid yourself of limiting self-beliefs to become the self-assured, confident person you always wanted to be.

Email elise@apotheosis-coaching.com for more information.

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