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Have you reached a significant point in your career and need to explore your options or are you facing redundancy and need to give yourself an edge in the selection process for a new role. Apotheosis career coaching can help you with interview techniques, mock interviews, building your network, dressing for success and applying for new roles.

Apotheosis has in depth knowledge of recruitment and in helping candidates prepare themselves to achieve success in today’s competitive job market.

Why choose Apotheosis Coaching?

  • Perhaps you need some assistance in defining your career goals and determining an effective action plan to achieve them?
  • Perhaps you need help in assessing your talents, abilities and skills and exploring your full potential?
  • Perhaps you need someone to help boost your self-confidence and maintain momentum in your job search?
  • Perhaps you want to switch to a new career and need to explore your options and development needs?

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Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what’s a heaven for?
Robert Browning, 1812-89
Andrea del Sarto (1855)

There is always room at the top.
Daniel Webster 1782-1852
- attributed


Here at Apotheosis Coaching, we understand how vitally important it is for students and recent graduates to find and secure their all important first job.  The competition is fierce and candidates need to be well prepared to ensure they have the competencies, skills and knowledge that employers require of them in today’s highly competitive market.  We help candidates decide on the right career path and ensure that their CVs are fit for purpose and that they are confident and know what they might expect at each stage of the interview process.  We help our candidates make that difficult transition from the world of study as seamlessly as possible.

The Youth of a Nation are the Trustees of Posterity – Benjamin Disraeli, 1804 – 81



Benjamin Disraeli, 1804 – 81